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North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC Date Established 1/1/1990
Doing Business As (DBA) Name Business Entity Type S Corporation
Address PO Box 40445 Vendor/Supplier Type
City, State Grand Junction, Colorado Number of Employees
County, Country Mesa, United States Website Address
Zip 81504 Date Created 5/9/2017 11:18:22 PM


Name de Asis, Lyra Phone (302) 450-1923
Contact Type Primary Phone Ext
Address PO Box 40445 Fax Ext
City, State Grand Junction, CO Fax
County, Country Mesa, US Toll-Free Phone
Zip 81504 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
005-5Abrasive Equipment and Tools
005-14Abrasives, Coated: Cloth, Fiber, Sandpaper, etc.
005-28Abrasives, Sandblasting (Other than Metal)
005-21Abrasives, Sandblasting, Metal
005-42Abrasives, Solid: Wheels, Stones, etc.
005-56Abrasives, Tumbling (Wheel)
005-63Grinding and Polishing Compounds: Carborundum, Diamond, etc. (For Valve Grinding Compounds See Class 075)
005-70Pumice Stone
005-75Recycled Abrasives Products and Supplies
005-84Steel Wool, Aluminum Wool, Copper Wool, and Lead Wool
019-21Berry Crops
019-41Fruits, Citrus
019-42Fruits, Deciduous Tree
019-56Nuts, Tree
019-60Potatoes, Irish
019-78Sugarcane and Sugarbeets
065-5Aerial Ladders and Towers (Including Buckets for Personnel)
065-7Bodies and Parts, Passenger Cars
065-8Bodies, Animal Control
065-10Bodies, Utility
065-12Body and Frame Parts (Not Otherwise Classified)
065-15Bookmobile Bodies
065-17Bus Bodies, School
065-23Cement Truck Bodies
065-25Covers, Camper Shells, Load Covers, etc. (For Trucks)
065-27Derrick, Digger, Truck Mounted
065-30Dump Bodies, Hoist Subframes, etc.
065-34Fire Protection and Crash Rescue Bodies
065-35Flat Bed Bodies
065-40Grain Bodies
065-43Handles, Grab
065-44Hatches, Roof (For Ventilation, Emergency Exit, etc.)
065-45Headache Racks (For Truck Bodies)
065-50Ladder Rack Bodies
065-55Livestock Bodies
065-60Milk Delivery Bodies
065-62Mobile Service and Lubrication Bodies
065-65Oil Field Bodies
065-66Ordnance (Explosive) Disposal Bodies
065-69Pickup Truck Bodies
065-67Platform Bodies (Including Elevating Type)
065-68Powerlift Tailgate
065-72Recycled Automotive Body Accessories and Parts
065-70Refrigerated Bodies
065-75Refuse/Garbage Collection Bodies and Parts
065-78Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaning Body and Equipment
065-80Stake Bodies and Parts
065-83Tanker Truck Bodies
065-84Tarpaulins for Truck Bodies (See 450-15 and 77 for Other Types)
065-85Tool Compartment Boxes (For Trucks)
065-88Trailer Bodies and Parts (Including Access Steps and Ladders)
065-87Truck Bed Liners
065-86Truck Bodies and Parts (Not Otherwise Classified)
065-90Van Truck Bodies
065-92Water Tank Bodies
065-94Winches and Cranes, Automotive
065-95Wrecker Bodies
075-1Air Powered Shop Tools, Regulators, and Parts
075-2Alarm Systems, Visual and Audio (For Electrically and Mechanically Operated Doors)
075-3Aligners, Balancers, and Accessories, Wheel
075-6Battery Chargers and Testers, Automotive (See Also Class 726)
075-8Brake Bench Stands
075-10Brushes and Cleaning Compounds, Automotive Cleaning
075-12Carbon Removing Tools
075-14Cements (For Chromated Felt, Gaskets, Trim, and Weather Strip) and Gasket Shellac
075-17Chamois and Sponges (Including Car Wash Mittens and Windshield Squeegees)
075-19Cleaning and Washing Equipment, Steam, Cold and Hot Water Pressure and Jet Types, Portable and Stationary (Also See 075-49)
075-20Crankshaft Truing and Engine Stands
075-24Diagnostic Instrument System for Vehicle Emission Testing
075-27Fender Covers
075-28Files, Ignition, Tungsten Point
075-29Flush and Fill Equipment and Tools (For Automatic Transmissions, Cooling Systems, Power Steering Systems, etc)
075-31Grinders, Cylinder Hone and Valve Seat; Portable Boring Machines; Hones; and Boring Bars
075-33Hand Tools, Automotive Air Conditioning (Including Refrigerant Charging Equipment)
075-34Hand Tools, Body Rebuilder's
075-35Hand Tools, Special Automotive: Brake Tools, Body and Fender Dollies, Hand Operated Pullers, Mechanic's Inspection Mirror, etc. (For Hardware See Class 450)
075-36Hose, Exhaust (For Shop Use Only)
075-38Hydrometers, Antifreeze and Battery
075-39Inspection Systems, Under Vehicle Type
075-41Jacks, Safety Stands, Portable Cranes, and Parts (For Automobiles, Trailers, Trucks, and Transmissions)
075-43Lathes, Armature and Brake Drum
075-44Lifts and Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic
075-42Lights, Drop, and other Remote Work Lights (With Cords)
075-46Lubrication Equipment: Guns, Hoses, Fittings, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, etc. (Including Oil Filter Presses)
075-47Mechanic's Equipment and Tools (Not Otherwise Classified)
075-48Mechanic's Wire
075-50Oil Analysis and Diagnostic Equipment
075-49Parts Washing Equipment Including Air Agitated and Pump Agitated (Also See 075-19)
075-54Presses and Pullers, Machine Powered (Including Frame Alignment)
075-55Reclamation Equipment, Automotive (Including Refrigerant Recovery)
075-56Recycled Automotive Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
075-57Reel and Hose Assemblies, Air and Water Dispensing
075-60Refinisher Products (Including Polish and Body Filler, For Paint See Class 630)
075-63Relining Equipment (For Brakes)
075-64Shop and Mechanic's Equipment and Supplies, Recycled
075-65Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester, Electric
075-66Specialty Products: Carburetor Cleaning Compound, Radiator Flush and Stop Leak, Transmission Sealing Compound, Water Pump Lubricant, Windshield Washer Solvent, etc.
075-68Spill Containment, Clean-Up, and Hazardous Waste Elimination System (For Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Work)
075-67Spring Tester (To Balance Valve Springs, etc.)
075-69Starting Equipment, Vehicle (Equipment Battery, Not Battery to Battery)
075-72Tachometer (With Wheel for Speed Recording)
075-78Testers: Engine Analysis, Headlight, Ignition, Timing, Compression, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, etc.
075-81Tire Changing Equipment
075-83Tire Changing Tools and Accessories: Lug Wrenches, Tire Gauges, Tire Mounting Lubricant, Tire Pumps, etc.
075-84Tire Storage Racks
075-85Tire Treatments, Anti-skid
075-87Tow Bars, Chains, Ropes and Straps
075-89Training Aids and Instructional Equipment and Supplies, Automotive
075-90Undercoater Equipment and Accessories
075-92Undercoating Compounds
075-95Valve Grinding Compounds
075-96Vehicle Washing Systems, Automatic, Stationary
075-94Wheel Chocks (Blocks)
075-97Windshield Replacement Tools
659-36Crosses, Crossovers, Curves
659-41Elbows (Other than Steel)
659-39Elbows, Miscellaneous
659-40Elbows, Steel
659-43Extensions, Pipe
659-44Ferrules, Flanges, Glands
659-47Hubs, Increasers, Inserts, Joints
659-50Laterals, Nipples
659-51Lining, Pipe (Cement, Epoxy, etc.)
659-54Offsets, Plugs, Pipe Rests
659-97Pipe Fittings, Misc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
659-96Recycled Pipe and Tubing Fittings
659-73Saddles, Sleeves, Straps
659-85Tees (Other Than Steel)
659-83Tees, Compression, Miscellaneous
659-84Tees, Steel
659-78Tubing Fittings (Brass, Bronze, and Copper)
659-79Tubing Fittings (Plastic, PVC)
659-80Tubing Fittings (Stainless Steel)
659-81Tubing Fittings (Steel)
659-90Vees (V)
659-94Wyes (Y)
658-4Pipe, Alloy Steel, Chrom-Moly, Stainless
658-5Pipe, Aluminum
658-9Pipe, Asbestos-Cement
658-18Pipe, Bituminized Fiber
658-19Pipe, Bonded (All Types)
658-22Pipe, Brass
658-24Pipe, Bronze
658-28Pipe, Cast Iron
658-30Pipe, Chrome
658-31Pipe, Clay (Terra Cotta)
658-34Pipe, Concrete
658-35Pipe, Copper
658-40Pipe, Ferrous Alloy
658-41Pipe, Fiberglass
658-46Pipe, Iron (Includes Ductile Iron Pipe)
658-50Pipe, Lead
658-52Pipe, Magnesium
658-54Pipe, Non-Ferrous Alloy
658-56Pipe, Plastic (Includes. Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe, Polybutylene Pipe)
658-58Pipe, Polyethylene
658-60Pipe, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
658-68Pipe, Rubber
658-74Pipe, Soil
658-77Pipe, Stainless Steel
658-80Pipe, Steel
658-82Pipe, Steel, Wrought
658-81Pipe, Threaded
658-83Pipe, Tin
658-84Pipe, Titanium
658-86Pipe, Unthreaded
658-87Pipe, Zinc
658-96Recycled Pipe and Tubing
658-97Tubing (Not Otherwise Classified)
658-88Tubing, Brass, Bronze, and Copper (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
658-91Tubing, Plastic and PVC
658-94Tubing, Stainless Steel (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
658-95Tubing, Steel
658-89Tubing: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloy
658-90Tubing: Iron, Lead, Magnesium
658-93Tubing: Tin, Titanium, Zinc
660-5Alcoholic Beverages, All Types
660-42Holders, Cigarette and Cigar
660-23Lighters, Cigarette
660-29Papers and Storage Bags, Tobacco
660-30Pipes, Smoking, All Types; and Pipe Cleaners, Filters, etc.
660-95Recycled Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages Accessories and Supplies
660-63Tobacco and Smoking Accessories, Scrap or Waste
660-50Tobacco, Chewing
660-60Tobacco, Smoking

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