Name of Individual
or Business Entity
J + J Contracting, LLC-MN Date Established 3/3/2009
Doing Business As (DBA) Name J & J Contracting, LLC-MN Business Entity Type MMLLC – Partnership
Address 573 Shoreview Park Road Vendor/Supplier Type Contractor for Construction
City, State Shoreview, Minnesota Number of Employees < 25
County, Country Ramsey, United States Website Address http://573 Shoreview Park Road
Zip 55126 Date Created 3/30/2020 12:18:06 PM


Name Crist, Steve Phone (612) 840-8827
Contact Type Primary Phone Ext
Address 573 Shoreview Park Road Fax Ext
City, State Shoreview, MN Fax (651) 287-2373
County, Country Ramsey, US Toll-Free Phone (612) 840-8827
Zip 55126 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
958-96Waste Management Services
912-38Construction Services, Hazardous Waste (Incl. Site Management)
926-78Remediation Services, Environmental (Including Rehabilitation Services Hazardous Waste and Mold Remediation)
968-71Solid or Liquid Waste Disposal (Including Management Services) (See 926-45 for Hazardous Waste Disposal)

Contractor for Construction Licenses

StateNumberExpiration DateType
MNMNS000160226 12/31/2024 Not Applicable