Name of Individual
or Business Entity
Waste Services of Florida, Inc. Date Established 3/1/2004
Doing Business As (DBA) Name Business Entity Type Corporation
Address 1099 Miller Drive Vendor/Supplier Type Service Establishment
City, State Altamonte Springs, Florida Number of Employees > 1000
County, Country Seminole, United States Website Address
Zip 32701 Date Created 8/3/2010 9:44:53 AM


Name Stutz, Mike Phone (407) 261-5045
Contact Type Primary Phone Ext
Address 1099 Miller Drive Fax Ext
City, State Altamonte Springs, FL Fax
County, Country , US Toll-Free Phone
Zip 32701 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
045-75Trash Compactors (See 165 and 545 for Other Types)
165-18Compactors, Trash, Cafeteria Type (See 045 and 545 for Other Types)
545-11Compactors, Trash, Industrial, Stationary to Include Sanitary Landfill Type (See 045 and 165 for Other Types)
910-27Garbage/Trash Removal, Disposal and/or Treatment
450-34Garbage Cans, Containers and Racks
975-37Garbage/Refuse Equipment (Dumpsters, etc.) Rental or Lease
929-66Refuse/Garbage Collection/Dumping Equipment Maintenance and Repair
578-64Recycling Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
926-77Recycling Services
755-37Asphalt and Concrete Recycling Equipment
981-24Containers, All Kinds (Including Recycling Collection Containers) Rental or Lease
100-7Containers, Recycling

Contractor for Construction Licenses

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