Name of Individual
or Business Entity
Isqft Date Established 1/1/3000
Doing Business As (DBA) Name ConstructConnect Business Entity Type
Address 3825 Edwards Road Vendor/Supplier Type
City, State Cincinnati, Ohio Number of Employees
County, Country Hamilton, United States Website Address
Zip 45209 Date Created 5/21/2018 1:53:29 PM


Name Feller, Chris Phone (800) 364-2059
Contact Type Primary Phone Ext
Address 3825 Edwards Road Fax Ext
City, State Cincinnati, OH Fax
County, Country Hamilton, US Toll-Free Phone
Zip 45209 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
912-16Boring, Drilling, Testing, and Soundings
912-19Clearing and Grubbing Services
912-38Construction Services, Hazardous Waste (Incl. Site Management)
912-21Construction, Energy Related (All Types)
912-20Construction, Fire Protection (Includes Fire Escapes)
912-23Construction, General (Backfill Services, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Rock Stabilization, etc.)
912-25Construction, Golf Course
912-26Construction, Hike and Bike Trail
912-27Construction, Irrigation System
912-29Construction, Oil and Gas Refinery
912-30Construction, Power Plant
912-31Construction, Statues and Monuments
912-32Construction, Street Lighting
912-33Construction, Swimming Pool
912-35Construction, Tennis/Sports Court
912-40Demolition Services
912-44Excavation Services
912-50Maintenance and Repair, Golf Course
912-52Maintenance and Repair, Hike and Bike Trails
912-54Maintenance and Repair, Oil and Gas Refinery
912-56Maintenance and Repair, Power Plant
912-59Maintenance and Repair, Statues and Monuments
912-60Maintenance and Repair, Street Lighting
912-63Maintenance and Repair, Swimming Pool (Includes, Swimming Pool Water Treatment Services)
912-65Maintenance and Repair, Tennis/Sport Court
912-68Monitoring Services, Structural
912-73Paver Block Installation
912-75Quality Control Testing Services for Construction
912-76Striping Streets, Parking Facilities, Lane Divisions, etc. (Paint)
913-59Construction and Upgrades, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913-13Construction, Bridge and Drawbridge (Includes Reconstruction/Rehabilitation)
913-15Construction, Canal or Aquaduct
913-16Construction, Communication Equipment (Includes Antenna Towers)
913-19Construction, Curb and Gutter (Includes Maintenance, Repair, and Removal)
913-23Construction, Defense and Military Structure
913-27Construction, Highway and Road
913-36Construction, Parking Lot and Alley
913-39Construction, Pipe Culvert
913-40Construction, Pipeline
913-41Construction, Power Line (Includes Installation, Maintenance, and Repair)
913-45Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain
913-47Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway (Includes Pedestrian and Handicap Ramps)
913-50Construction, Street (Major and Residential)(Includes Reconstruction)
913-55Construction, Tunnel
913-56Construction, Utility/Underground Projects
913-57Construction, Vaulted Sidewalk
913-61Construction, Vertical, Concrete, Pour-In-Place, Form/Place/Finish
913-58Construction, Viaduct (Includes Reconstruction)
913-60Construction, Water System/Plants, Main and Service Line
913-10Construction: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913-63Lime Slurry Removal Services
913-65Maintenance and Repair, Antenna Tower and other Communication Equipment
913-66Maintenance and Repair, Bridges
913-68Maintenance and Repair, Canal
913-69Maintenance and Repair, Defense and Military Structure
913-71Maintenance and Repair, Highway and Road (To include the removal of asphalt, concrete, bitumens, etc)
913-75Maintenance and Repair, Parking Lot and Alley
913-77Maintenance and Repair, Pipe Culvert
913-78Maintenance and Repair, Pipeline (Includes Removal and Relocation)
913-81Maintenance and Repair, Sewer and Storm Drain (Including Removal)
913-82Maintenance and Repair, Sidewalk and Driveway (Including Removal)
913-84Maintenance and Repair, Street (Major and Residential)
913-88Maintenance and Repair, Tunnel
913-89Maintenance and Repair, Utility/Underground Projects
913-90Maintenance and Repair, Viaduct
913-91Maintenance and Repair, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913-92Maintenance and Repair, Water System, Main and Service Line
913-64Maintenance and Repair: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913-67Maintenance, Repair, and Operation of Drawbridges
913-94Paving/Resurfacing, Alley and Parking Lot
913-95Paving/Resurfacing, Highway and Road
913-96Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major and Residential)
914-28Cleaning, Interior/Exterior, New Construction
914-47Glass and Glazing
914-50Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
914-58Metal Work
914-61Painting and Wallpapering
914-73Roofing and Siding
914-79Structural and Reinforcement Steel
914-83Tile and Marble Work, All Types
914-84Trade Services, Construction (Not Otherwise Classified)

Contractor for Construction Licenses

This vendor has not entered any license information.